Parent called about student’s ‘F’ grade — and caused a school lockdown, Louisiana cops say

Evelyn Mearidy, 57, is charged with terrorizing.
Evelyn Mearidy, 57, is charged with terrorizing. Baton Rouge Police Department

It’s often been students’ threats that cause a school lockdown, but this time it was a parent’s reckless words, Baton Rouge, Louisiana police allege.

The principal of Cristo Rey Baton Rouge Franciscan High School told police Thursday afternoon that Evelyn Mearidy allegedly threatened a teacher, WAFB reported.

Mearidy, 57, had spoken with a counselor to talk about an “F” grade her daughter had allegedly received, authorities said, the Advocate reported. During the call she accused the teacher of being “flippy mouthed," WBRZ reported.

The dispute got serious when Mearidy allegedly said she was armed, according to the Advocate. The woman said she had a “loaded gun” and would possibly use it to shoot people, police said.

Mearidy’s threats led to the school being put on lockdown, police said, WBRZ reported. But when police went to Mearidy’s home to question her, she denied threatening gun violence, WAFB said.

A conceal carry permit was found in Mearidy’s purse, authorities said, according to WAFB.

Mearidy was arrested and charged with terrorizing, WBRZ reported.

She’s not the first parent who authorities say unlawfully tried to advocate for their child’s behalf and ended up in handcuffs. A father went to a Texas middle school last year to discuss the alleged bullying of his daughter by another student, authorities said. But John Castillo later confronted the girl and physically assaulted her, police allege. He’s charged with injury to a child.

A Virginia mother tried to prove that her daughter was being bullied at her elementary school. So she put a digital recorder in her daughter’s backpack, media outlets reported. Sarah Sims faced a felony offense after the device was found because it's illegal to record a person without their consent in Virginia. The charges were later dropped.

Golden Valley High School sophomore Julian Sandoval, 15, discusses what it was like locked down in the school gym after an active shooter was reported on campus Friday, April 20, 2018. The threat was found to be false, officials said.