He ranted at Spanish speakers. Protesters threw a Latin-themed party outside his home.

Screenshot from NYDN Twitter

Aaron Schlossberg has been identified as the man who threatened to call ICE on people speaking Spanish in a New York City restaurant — and the rant went viral.

“They have the balls to come here and live off of my money I pay for their welfare,” the man complained. “The least they could do is speak English.”

He then said that his "next call is to ICE" because he assumed those Spanish speakers were in the country illegally.

A user named Edward Suazo posted the video on Facebook.

Schlossberg has refused requests for comment from the media.

Protesters responded on Friday by throwing a Latin-themed party outside the home of Schlossberg, who is a lawyer based in Manhattan, according to NBC New York. It included a mariachi band, free tacos and lots of dancing to Spanish-language songs.

Over 100 people showed up to send a message to the lawyer. Chris Thompson, 40, was one of those who joined in on the festivities outside Schlossberg's New York City apartment.

He said the party makes it clear that Schlossberg's actions are not welcome in the city.

“We’re basically clapping back at this fool,” he told The New York Post. "(It’s) ridiculous! This is a multilingual city. He should expect to hear different languages.”

A GoFundMe page named "Mariachis for Aaron Schlossberg" earned just over $1,000. A protester told The New York Post that the money was used for tacos and the five-member band.

Videos of the wild party made the rounds on Twitter.

Since the video went viral, the Yelp page of Schlossberg's legal business has been showered with one-star reviews. There is also a push to have the lawyer disbarred. As noted by NBC, a petition asking for that to happen has amassed over 9,000 signatures.

That's not likely to happen, according to Slate.

"Yes, Schlossberg’s conduct was reprehensible. He deserves all the disdain that he has received," the magazine wrote. "But state attorney discipline committees do not, and should not, have general authority to punish lawyers for their nasty (but non-criminal) behavior outside of the law."

But that doesn't mean protesters — who shouted "Olé, Olé! Throw him out!" — aren't going to try to make that happen.

“Without the Latinos there wouldn’t be a hospitality industry (in New York City). How dare this mother f—ker? How dare he?” Stratis Morfogen told the New York Post while outside Schlossberg's apartment “He should be disbarred.”

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