Her 'Sugar Daddies' date gave teen some money. Then she shot him in the stomach, Oregon police say.

Authorities say Raelyn Domingo, 15, shot a man she met on a "sugar daddies" website.
Authorities say Raelyn Domingo, 15, shot a man she met on a "sugar daddies" website. Washington County Sheriff's Office

Thomas Licata, 56, picked up his 15-year-old date up at a gas station last week, he told police.

He and Raelyn Domingo then went to his Beaverton, Oregon home, where they spent time in his music room and smoked from his vape pen, according to court documents, KOIN reported. When she asked for money, he gave her $260, authorities said.

Domingo got up to use the bathroom, police said. She returned with a gun — and shot Licata in the stomach, authorities said, the news station reported. She allegedly demanded more money from him, but he’d given her all his cash, Oregonlive reported.

"From what we know, she shot him unprovoked," Deputy Jeff Talbot, a spokesman with the Washington County Sheriff’s office, told Oregonlive.

The shooting left Licata injured, but not critically, according to FOX 12. He was able to describe his assailant, authorities said.

Domingo is also a suspect in another robbery that took place hours after the May 11 shooting, police said, KOIN reported. The teen and three masked men are accused of robbing two people in their Camas, Washington home. One of the victims was assaulted, the news station reported. Domingo was arrested along with the other suspects on Wednesday She's charged with assault and robbery in connection with both alleged crimes, Oregonlive reported.

Licata had described Domingo as an Asian woman named “Samantha” who said she was a Certified Nursing Assistant, he told police, Patch reported.

Domingo, a Vancouver, Washington high school student, allegedly posed as an adult on, which says it helps “Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies...both get what they want, when they want it,” court documents said. Records say Domingo's profile name was "asianperssuasion,” Oregonlive reported.

The married man told authorities he’d used the website before to have affairs, Patch reported.

Licata's wife told police that nothing appeared to have been stolen from the home, though some things were out of place, according to the publication.

A 43-year-old Fresno man, who went by the online name of Sugar Daddy, has plead not guilty to charges he tried to lure a 14-year-old girl into sending him explicit photos of herself.