He wanted to smoke a joint with Trump — and flew to Florida with a ‘gift from God,’ cops say

Palm Beach County Sheriff

You could call it a pipe dream.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said that 27-year-old Tyler Marrone flew from his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, to the Palm Beach International Airport in Florida on April 18 with the hopes of smoking a marijuana joint with President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Officials questioned the man once he arrived at the airport, according to Local10, as the Secret Service had taken notice of him for things he allegedly said about Trump in the past.

He was also given a mental health examination. During their interview, officials allege, Marrone said he found a credit card on the ground and took it as a “gift from God.” According to the arrest report obtained by CBS12, the man said he used that credit card to buy a flight to Florida so he could smoke marijuana with Trump and talk about “the static and frequency feedback” he constantly hears.

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Marrone told authorities that he hoped to figure out the meaning of those sounds, according to WPTV. He planned to drive to Trump’s luxury resort — sometimes referred to as the “Winter White House” — and simply walk in on April 18, police say. That was when Trump was hosting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Palm Beach.

Officials found that Marrone had methamphetamine, police say, and reached out to the man’s mother. According to Local10, his mom said that Marrone has tried to kill himself twice and has paranoia and depression. She added that he no longer takes his medicine, police say.

Marrone explained that the meth in his bag was really “self prescribed Adderall,” according to the arrest warrant obtained by CBS12.

He was arrested for drug possession and also involuntarily held under Florida’s Baker Act Law. Police told WPTV that Marrone said he has been removed from multiple courthouses, including the Ohio Supreme Court Building.