Trucker crashed into powerlines and blamed a bird. Then police watched the video.

An explosive crash involving a tractor-trailer carrying 12,000 gallons of fuel all started with a bird flying into the driver's head.

At least that’s what the driver told authorities, police said Tuesday. The 63-year-old motorist said the bird struck his head and caused him to swerve on April 21 in Bourne, Massachusetts. But dashcam footage of the crash didn’t line up with his account, police said.

The video shows the driver veer off the roadway and hit a fire hydrant and a utility pole, bringing down powerlines that shot sparks in the air as they came crashing down. Then the truck ran into a second pole without stopping, and got the same result. The vehicle can be seen coming dangerously close to another car in front of it before apparently trying to move back onto the road. But the car ends up on the opposite side.

The crash left behind a mess of tangled powerlines and a broken sign, the video shows. Transportation workers helped clean up the debris and unleaded fuel, police said. Various utility companies repaired the damaged poles.

The footage contradicted the driver’s version of events, police said. He was cited for negligent operation of a motor vehicle and other offenses. Authorities didn't identify him.

No one was hurt in the incident, police said. Though similar crashes have been fatal. In Kentucky, dramatic surveillance footage showed a truck swerving in a lane and plywood from the truck detaching and flying into the opposite lane in October, the Herald-Leader reported. The driver died at a hospital.