‘Thank God we are finally rid of you,’ family says to son who killed adoptive mother

Jayvon Mulzac was sentenced Wednesday to 22 years to life in prison.
Jayvon Mulzac was sentenced Wednesday to 22 years to life in prison. Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office

Jayvon Mulzac didn’t acknowledge his family as they tore into him over the slaying of his adoptive mother, according to the New York Daily News.

Mulzac was sentenced Wednesday to 22 years to life behind bars after pleading guilty to killing 70-year-old Noreen Mulzac, the New York Post reported.

The Brooklyn woman was found dead inside her home last July, with a purse strap and a shirt wrapped around her neck, her ankles tied together with an electric cord and bedsheet, the Daily News said.

Authorities said Mulzac had ransacked the home and fled to his native Massachusetts, leaving the retired nurse to die. She was found four days later.

She died from asphyxiation, officials determined, reported Patch.

The 29-year-old man remained on the run until August, when he was arrested on an assault charge in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, the Brooklyn Eagle reported. He was extradited to Brooklyn.

Noreen Mulzac’s biological daughter had harsh words for the person who’d tormented her mother before killing her. Jayvon had been arrested for beating and robbing the woman in 2006, according to the Daily News.

“Thank God we are finally rid of you,” Shiffon Mulzac told Jayvon at his sentencing, reported the Eagle. “Thank God we no longer have to think about you or deal with you.”

“I knew you were going to turn on her,” she said, reported the New York Post. “It’s just a shame that she couldn’t see through you like everybody else could. It’s a shame she tried so hard to consider you a decent human being and it’s a shame she put so much of her faith, love and trust into you that it cost her her life.”

She said Mulzac brought “ misery and destruction to everybody’s lives,” the Eagle reported.

Mulzac reportedly stared straight ahead during the hearing, not even glancing at the three rows of family members in the courtroom.

A woman who identified herself as Jayvon’s cousin said she hopes “he rots in jail,” according to the Post.

“God will always get me through everything,” Mulzac said in court, the Eagle reported.