Florida inmate says ‘idiot’ blockmate offered him 20 meal trays to kill his ex-wife

An inmate in Lake County Florida offered his cellmate 20 meals and $2,000 to kill his ex-wife and her boyfriend, deputies say.
An inmate in Lake County Florida offered his cellmate 20 meals and $2,000 to kill his ex-wife and her boyfriend, deputies say. Lake County Sheriff’s Office

The terms of the contract were simple enough, Florida deputies said.

Earlier this month, Michael Lee, 32, offered another inmate at the Lake County Jail 20 meal trays from the facility’s cafeteria and $2,000 if the fellow inmate would agree to be his hitman, deputies said. All the inmate had to do in return was kill Lee’s ex-wife and his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, according to the contract they drafted and signed.

The $2,000 was to be paid when Lee made it out of jail, deputies said. That was supposed to be on April 18, according to the jail records. But now Lee faces charges of criminal solicitation to commit murder on top of the probation violation he was in jail for when he allegedly tried to contract a hitman.

Lee is currently being held at the Lake County Jail without bond, jail records said.

When deputies searched Lee’s cell on April 5, they uncovered the “hit list” contract Lee had drawn up, the affidavit said. Other inmates told deputies Lee had been asking around his jail block to find someone who would agree to help in the murder plot.

Michael Lee, 32 Lake County Sheriff’s Office

The contract had been signed by another inmate, deputies said, but that inmate told authorities Lee was an “idiot” — and that while he had been taking the food from Lee, he had no plans to follow through on the murder-for-hire plot.

But Lee was taking the plot very seriously, deputies said: He gave the inmate who signed the contract his ex-wife’s address, details about her workplace (Walmart) and her license plate number.

Another witness told deputies Lee had offered to get him a gun to carry out the murder, the affidavit said. Lee admitted to deputies that he’d spoken to the inmates who revealed the alleged plot, but denied the plot and said he had only given others meal trays because they didn’t have enough money to buy food from the commisary at the facility.

Lee’s probation stems from a 2016 domestic battery incident with his then-wife, the Daily Commercial reports. Lee had been shouting and upsetting the couple’s children, who were sitting in a car, his now-ex-wife told police. When she tried to comfort the children, Lee shoved her and then attempted to run her over, she said.

Lee has an “extensive history of stalking and threats” against the woman, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Lake County Sgt. Fred Jones told the Orlando Sentinel that there wasn’t any indication that inmates were actually planning to kill the two victims Lee had envisioned.

Lee’s next court date is set for May 7, according to Lake County Jail records.