Mom set up a P.O. box to get ‘fan mail’ before killing her 2 young sons, Mass. prosecutors say

Latarsha Sanders pleaded not guilty Tuesday to murder charges in the February deaths of her two sons.
Latarsha Sanders pleaded not guilty Tuesday to murder charges in the February deaths of her two sons. Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office

A Brockton, Massachusetts mother accused of fatally stabbing her 8- and 5-year-old sons may have been seeking money and attention when she allegedly committed the killings earlier this year, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Plymouth County District Attorney Jessica Kenny told a judge that Latarsha Sanders, 43, wrote in her journal about setting up GoFundMe campaigns for family members, with money going to “whoever has the best story,” in the months before the February deaths, the Enterprise newspaper reported.

She also set up a P.O. box to receive “fan mail,” Kenny said, the newspaper reported. That, and the notebook indicating she was expecting money to come in, speaks to what her “mindset” may have been at the time, according to prosecutors.

Sanders had first denied the killings, blaming them on one of her sons’ father, the Enterprise reported.

Then she said she stabbed the boys at least 50 times to perform some kind of Voodoo-related ritual, authorities said, the Boston Globe had reported. But officials said they weren’t certain what motivated Sanders, as there was no clear evidence pointing to her religious beliefs.

Now authorities are suggesting Sanders may have wanted fame and fortune, according to the Enterprise.

While Sanders was being held without bail, she reached out to family members, asking them why they weren’t giving interviews and pushing them to speak out, Kenny said.

Sanders’ mother said her daughter was obsessed with the Illuminati, was unstable and used a baby monitor to spy on her neighbors, Associated Press said.

The boys were found after Sanders had asked a neighbor to call her an ambulance for herself and the neighbor told police there were children in the home who’d need to be cared for, prosecutors said, the Boston Herald reported.

An autopsy shows that the 8-year-old boy, Edson Brito, had been stabbed 76 times, while 5-year-old La’son Brito was stabbed 23 times and had 80 superficial wounds, Kenny said, the Enterprise reported. A taper candle had been inserted in the 5-year-old’s throat, she said.

Sanders has pleaded not guilty to murder charges, the newspaper reported.