'I love you princess’: Couple paused multistate crime spree for a wedding, documents say

Matthew Dale Bush and Crystal French are facing bank robbery charges.
Matthew Dale Bush and Crystal French are facing bank robbery charges. Baltimore County Police Department

Matthew Dale Bush and Crystal French got married on the water, photos on Bush’s Facebook page show.

French, 34, was detained four days later in connection with several ATM thefts, the Baltimore Sun reported.

“Just act like you have no idea what’s going on. I love you princess. I was with you,” Bush, 38, said to French via text message that day, an affidavit said.

“I love you too husband,” French said, reported The Sun. “I don’t know nothing about nothing. Change you facebook profile and cover pictures to something from the wedding.”

She was apparently released, The Sun reported, and the Grasonville, Maryland couple continued their crime spree that had allegedly began with Bush in September, according to an indictment unsealed this week. Bush stole an ATM machine by smashing through the glass door that guarded it, attaching a chain or rope to the ATM and a truck and pulling it through the glass, authorities said.

He allegedly did this on at least five occasions in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland, the Sun reported.

French joined in on Oct. 8, when she and Bush used a stolen Dodge Ram truck to steal ATMs from a convenience store in Stevensville and another from a gas station in Cambridge (in Maryland) using the same smashed-glass-and-rope method, according to court documents, Patch reported.

A police chase involving Bush took place on Oct. 14, according to The Sun. State police had set up “stop sticks” that caused the tires on the car he was driving to deflate, but he still managed to make it into Delaware, the newspaper reported. He texted French during the chase, saying “baby I got three of them on my a**,” authorities said.

Bush and French got married the next day, Patch reported.

Married Couple
Authorities say Matthew Dale Bush and Crystal French got married in the middle of a crime spree. Screenshot from Facebook

A week after the wedding the couple continued their crime spree, demanding money from a gas station on Oct. 22, authorities said.

The couple is accused of stealing cars and ATMs in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia to buy heroin and other drugs, the Washington Post reported.

Their alleged thefts came to an end Oct. 24, after a police chase followed a bank robbery in Baltimore County, Maryland, the Post reported. The couple crashed their car and tried to run away, but were apprehended, police said.

The couple was indicted Thursday on bank robbery charges in federal court, the newspaper reported. They both face up to 20 years in prison — while Bush could get more time for firearms offenses, the Post said.