Man’s body was found near a dumpster. He’d been decapitated by a vacuum, Fla. cops say

Angel Luis Olmeda-Rivera is charged with murder.
Angel Luis Olmeda-Rivera is charged with murder. Osceola County Jail

The Dirt Devil vacuum was in pieces near the victim, along with a wooden board, Kissimmee, Florida police said.

Officers determined those objects were used to fatally bludgeon the victim, whose blood, brain matter and bones were spread around the area, News 6 reported this week. The man was found March 14 near a dumpster at an auto shop, authorities said. His head was severed, the news station said.

The vacuum had apparently been beaten so hard into the victim that it broke, police said.

“As soon as I saw the (victim) I was immediately taken aback by the amount of violence that had gone into (his) murder,” a detective said in an affidavit.

The suspect, Angel Luis Olmeda-Rivera, 44, stopped beating the victim, then returned to attack him again, according to investigators, the Orlando Sentinel reported. The victim was beaten so “badly and viciously” that he was “unrecognizable” and had to be identified through fingerprints, police said.

A police spokeswoman told Newsweek late last month that the victim’s name hasn’t been released because his next-of-kin hasn’t been notified.

Olmeda-Rivera was seen on surveillance video breaking into cars before walking to the dumpster and throwing something in it, an affidavit said. Then he allegedly began attacking the victim, stopping and starting the beating at least three times, police said, according to Newsweek.

During a police interview, Olmeda-Rivera, who had cuts and scratches on his hand, said he didn’t remember what happened, the affidavit said, reported the Orlando Sentinel.

He also didn’t seem to care, police said.

“... I explained to him he committed a murder,” wrote Det. Gary Johndro. “Angel looked at me, smiled and laughed at this. He did not appear shocked, remorseful or concerned by any of this information; instead he seemed amused by it.”

There’s no word on a motive behind the brutal slaying.

Police say the suspect briefly interacted with two men who could be witnesses around the time of the killing, Newsweek reported. Officers are still searching for them.

Olmeda-Rivera is being held without bond on a murder charge, News 6 reported.

Matthew Leupold was charged with 2 counts of first-degree aggravated murder and first degree arson and held without bail Jan. 11, 2017 while sister Lindsey was charged with first degree rendering criminal assistance with $500,000 bail.