Ohio dad received a photo of his 1-year-old child — staring at the barrel of a gun

Fasshon Shivers is headed to prison for attempted kidnapping.
Fasshon Shivers is headed to prison for attempted kidnapping. Columbus Police Department

Fasshon Shivers, 31, was trying to force her ex-boyfriend to be a better dad, reports said.

A lawyer for the Columbus, Ohio woman says his client was “overwhelmed” as a parent to her 1-year-old daughter, Natalie, Associated Press reported. That’s why she snapped a photo of her toddler staring at the barrel of a handgun, according to prosecutors.

The child’s father received a photo via text from Shivers, his ex-girlfriend, last May, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

The picture showed Shivers pointing a handgun at the toddler’s head, the newspaper said. The image frightened the girl’s father, authorities said, and he contacted the police.

But, shortly after sending the photo, Shivers drove away. That triggered an Amber Alert, authorities said. Police believed the child was in danger because of the photo.

“That’s what made this such a dynamic situation ... why we wanted to address (it) with as much quickness as we could,” said Columbus, Ohio police Sgt. Richard Ketcham, the Dispatch reported.

Shivers planned to go to a friend’s house in Parkersburg, West Virginia, the newspaper said. But troopers intercepted her several hours later in Athens County, about 17 miles from her destination, according to the Dispatch.

Shivers was arrested on charges of kidnapping and endangering children, authorities said.

She pleaded guilty to attempted kidnapping and was sentenced Monday to four years behind bars, AP reported.

The child is now in her father’s care, AP said.

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Fasshon Shivers was charged last year with kidnapping her daughter, Natalie (pictured). Columbus Police Department