They tried to elude cops – but picked the wrong fence to hop, officers say

They were on the run from police when they took a seriously wrong turn.

Officers in Peoria, Ariz., had approached Marwan Al Ebadi, 28, and Salma Hourien, 29, at a gas station at 6:10 p.m. Feb. 16 while investigating a possible shoplifting, but the couple took off on foot, according to police in a KSAZ report.

Trying to elude pursuing cops, the couple hopped a nearby fence, the station reported. Unfortunately for their hopes of escape, the fence surrounded a clearly marked Peoria Police Department station. They ended up in a secure parking lot where officers were conducting a training exercise.

Al Ebadi clambered back over the fence into the hands of the pursuing officers, while Hourien tried to hide under a bench, KSAZ reported.

Surveillance video shows the couple scale the fence and run through the police compound. They eventually mill about in confusion for a moment as police cars close in, then Al Ebadi continues running while Hourien climbs under a concrete bench.

Both face shoplifting, trespassing in a critical public safety building and drug charges, reported KTAR.

“This incident serves as a reminder that you should never run from the police and, if you do, do not run into a secure parking lot of a police station,” spokesman Brandon Sheffert wrote in an email to the station.