How to play Snake, Pac-Man and other fun games on Google’s birthday spinner

Screenshot Google

Kiss your productivity level goodbye today, Internet – Google turns 19 and is celebrating with a surprise doodle like the very popular Snake Game. Just google the name of the game and you can play.

Here’s a roundup of a few fun games you’ll get on the spinner:complete with 19 games and quizzes.

For today only, the Google search engine has transformed into a surprise birthday spinner.

Fun Fact: You don’t have to waste your time on the spinner if you want to get to certain game, just click the link below!

Snake Game

The snake game will take you straight back to your first brick phone in the late ‘90s. Use your keyboard arrows to get the apple. It was just added for today.

Hip Hop Game

The Hip Hop game was released earlier this year to celebrate Hip Hop’s 45th birthday. Make your own mixes with interactive turntables.

Animal sounds

Not really a game, but you could really freak your coworkers out by playing random animal noises all day.


Yes, Pac-Man! Remember when it was released in 2010 for Pac-Man’s 30th birthday. Your favorite arcade game is back again.

Cricket Game

This was also released earlier this year, complete with adorable little cricket characters. It’s one of Google’s most popular games of all time.

Just in time for April Fool's Day on Saturday, April 1, 2017, Google has provided another one of its features that turns its search interface into funky, and in this case old school, fun. Check out the "Ms. Pac-Man" feature on Google Maps and see