He got into a fight over gas before Hurricane Irma. So he pulled out a gun, video shows

Hurricane Irma is headed towards Florida, and in parts of the state, gas is in short supply.

That’s created a scramble to find gas stations that still have fuel. And in at least one case, the hunt for gas nearly became violent, video shows, as a man pulled a gun on another driver in a dispute over precious fuel.

The incident happened last night at a Mobil gas station at Coral Way and 32nd Avenue Southwest in Miami, the Miami New Times reports, as Miamians lined up to fuel up their vehicles. The storm is one of the strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic, and it’s expected to make landfall in the state this weekend.

The scene was captured on video by a woman who was getting a tank of gas at the same station, according to the New Times.

The man was blocking the exit out of the gas station with his vehicle, a source told the New Times, and he got out of his car during the confrontation—sporting a fanny pack around his waist and holding a gun in his hand.

“I saw that guy pulling his gun out on the other driver,” the woman who took the video, only identified by the New Times as Melanie, said in a text message. “They were fighting over some gas!”

The armed stand-off appears to last less than a minute, the video shows, before the man returns the gun to the pack around his waist.

“The guy was mad and impulsive and pulled out the gun, immediately regretting it afterwards,” the woman told the New Times. “He drove away speeding.”

It’s still unclear if anyone reported the incident to the police, according to Raw Story, but the Miami Police Department told the New Times that there hasn’t been much trouble so far in the city—even as hurried storm preparation makes extremely long lines at everything from grocery stores to gas stations.

“We haven't had any reports of fights or any serious trouble at all,” Det. Argemis Colome, a spokesperson for Miami-Dade Police, told the New Times.

Current projections show Hurricane Irma hitting southern Florida this weekend, and then likely making its way up the peninsula towards the Carolinas. Many are evacuating from parts of Florida that could be hard hit, overwhelming gas stations in the region.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott suggested in a press conference on Thursday morning that residents in need of gas use the website GasBuddy to find stations near them that have fuel.