Armed homeowner surprises burglars, sends them scrambling with a dozen shots, police say

A McNeese Drive homeowner fired 12 times at four men coming out of his house on Monday.
A McNeese Drive homeowner fired 12 times at four men coming out of his house on Monday. Special to the Ledger-Enquirer

A Columbus homeowner opened fire on four men burglarizing his McNeese Drive home Monday afternoon, hitting at least one suspect, police say.

The man came home around 12:45 p.m. and found two strange vehicles in his driveway. He then witnessed four men leaving his residence through the front door, according to the Columbus Police report.

As the man pulled into his driveway, he loaded his .40 caliber pistol, police said.

The man “got out of his vehicle and began shooting at the four individuals coming out of his house,” the report stated. The man told police he heard one of the suspects yell “S---!” as he opened fire.

When asked by police why he started shooting, the homeowner said “he was afraid for his life,” according to the report, and said he’d fired about a dozen times.

Two of the men fled in a vehicle, possibly an older model Saturn, and two more ran from the scene. Police later found Brandon Rozier, 17, near the Britt David Park concession stand between the softball field and football field. Rozier was bleeding from the head and told police he fell while running through the park. Officer Daniel Phillips reported that his wound appeared to be caused by a gunshot.

Rozier, who was in possession of a gun that had previously been reported stolen, was arrested and charged with burglary and two firearms possession charges. The other three suspects remain at-large, said Maj. Gil Slouchick. Rozier faces a 9 a.m. hearing today at Columbus Recorder’s Court.

The homeowner reported $1,000 in cash, a 42-inch television and a shotgun were stolen, the report stated.

The homeowner has a valid Georgia conceal carry permit, according to the police report.

“We do not anticipate any charges against the homeowner,” Slouchick said on Tuesday.

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