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Veteran must move US flag, HOA says. That’s ‘an attack on everybody’s patriotism,’ he says

Wayne Marchant is an eight-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

So the man from Franklin, Ohio, said he has flown either an American or Air Force flag on a pole in front of his house for the past nine years, according Fox19.

It’s something that has filled Marchant with pride.

“I feel good about it,” he told the TV station.

Then came a letter from his community’s homeowner’s association in March, according to WLWT. It said that the flagpole on his front lawn must be “removed or modified” because it “does not comply with the community’s standards.”

Instead, the association said that Marchant can only fly a flag if the pole is attached to the house, WLWT reported. But that hasn’t gone over well with Marchant.

“We put that flagpole up nine years when we built the house. We received permission from the previous HOA to erect the pole,” he wrote on Facebook. “The only flags that have have flown on the pole are the American and Air Force, which I served proudly for eight years We have been instructed to remove the flagpole.

“Hell will freeze over before that happens.”

Marchant told Fox19 that the flag is a gift from his wife, who said the homeowner’s association was fine with the flagpole in the past. There has been overturn in the board of the association in recent years, Marchant said, and new members haven’t taken kindly to the veteran’s flag set up.

“I feel like its an attack on everybody’s patriotism, the love of their country,” Marchant said.

Another neighbor said that she received a similar letter about the flagpole in the front of her yard, according to WLWT. But she said the letter addressed to Marchant is “absolutely a strike against patriotic Americans.”

While Bill McAdory, another neighbor and a veteran of the Vietnam War, said he hasn’t been contacted about the flagpole and American flag in front of his house. He told WLWT that he won’t take it down if the homeowner’s association asks him to.

“Flying it is what we do and it should be,” he said. “I can’t believe a flag, especially an American flag, would degrade the looks and the appearance of the property.”

Marchant faces a fine if he doesn’t comply with the request, Fox19 reported, but the veteran said he’s “going to fight this battle as long as I can.”

The board of the association has learned of Marchant’s complaint, a representative told WLWT, and will make a final decision soon.