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She told him the McDonald’s ice cream machine was down. He shot her with a paintball

This employee, identified only as Kivona, said a man shot her in the face with a paintball gun.
This employee, identified only as Kivona, said a man shot her in the face with a paintball gun. Screenshot WXYZ

It’s no secret that the ice cream machines at McDonald’s are quite unpredictable.

The machines have drawn the ire of some McDonald’s customers, according to Business Insider, with many complaining on social media that they always seem to be broken when the desire for a tasty dessert hits. It’s been such a problem that someone created an app that allows users to check whether there’s a functioning machine at nearby locations.

The machines aren’t always broken. Instead, they are sometimes temporarily down while workers clean them, according to The Wall Street Journal.

That’s the explanation one employee said she gave a customer in the drive-thru lane of a McDonald’s in Dearborn, Michigan. He ordered an ice cream and frappe early Monday morning, but the employee identified only as Kivona told him that the machines were down for cleaning, according to WDIV.

Kivona told the TV station that the man was frustrated but still ordered sandwiches and chicken nuggets. What happened next left her with a dark mark on her face, she says.

“He drove up and I opened the window halfway to take his money,” she told WXYZ. “He shot me with a paintball gun and drove off.”

At first, Kivona thought the gun that shot her in the face was real, Dearborn Police Lt. Gary Mann told CBS. He added that “I’m sure she thought initially that she might die.”

“This poor victim, simply trying to work, and she certainly shouldn’t be subject to something like this,” Mann told CBS. “The suspect never said anything to her. You know, I just chalk this up to an overly aggressive customer who wasn’t happy with whatever he was told by the store.”

Kivona said it’s common for people to blame her for the ice cream machine not working — but “it’s not my fault he decided he wanted to shoot me in the face with a paintball gun.”

“It’s tough because people think we’re lying about the machines and everything, and it’s not our fault,” she told WDIV. “It’s the truth.”

The woman isn’t sure whether she’ll return to work at McDonald’s, according to WXYZ. Police are still looking for the suspect.

“You are going to get what’s coming to you,” she said of the alleged shooter. “You reap what you sow.”