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A man called ‘Murder’ is charged with his namesake after Florida shootout

Courtney Lawrence
Courtney Lawrence

A man known as "Murder" has been charged with his namesake after a deadly Florida home invasion.

Courtney Lawrence, 27, was involved in the wild shootout at Bradenton home last week, police said. One of his accomplices ended up dead and a resident of the home was shot and wounded.

Now Lawrence, nicknamed “Murder, is in jail without bond, charged with murder, according to the Bradenton Herald.

Police say a group of home invaders traded gunfire on Wednesday with a resident of the home, whose wife came home a few minutes later from a 7-Eleven run to find her husband and a suspect wounded in the driveway.

The wife was pointing a gun at one of the suspects, Emmanuel Johnson, when police arrived. Johnson later died at a hospital.

Lawrence, who the word “murder’ tattooed on his neck, was released from prison in August after serving three years for robbery and drug charges, the Bradenton Herald reported. He was arrested and charged on Friday.