Deadline Miami

8 ways to pass the time inside a car stuck on Miami roads

Don’t do these things while driving. But when you’re stopped ...
Don’t do these things while driving. But when you’re stopped ... EL NUEVO HERALD FILE

You're at a dead stop, South Florida drivers. What else is new? Maybe it's a drawbridge that never seems to go down. Maybe it's a train that never seems to end. Maybe it's a rain storm. Or maybe you're just parked (in a lot or on a gridlocked expressway).

Here are 8 things you can do to pass the time in your car:

1. Crack open a snack. Nothing relaxes a stressed driver like some food. Stow a lunch kit and chips in your bag and pull out for this occasion.

2. Follow a cloud. They’re hypnotic. They have shapes that look like something else.

3. Make some music and crank up the karaoke. Where else but in the car (and the shower) can you belt it out with no one judging?

4. Call your mom. It’s OK to pull out your phone when your car is stopped. When the road is moving again, you have a ready excuse to “Gotta go, Ma.”

5. Shave. If you have to do it, do NOT do it in a moving car like some drivers we know.

6. Hit the scan button on your radio and let it roam across the dial to hear a bit of everything.

7. Search for coins in all the crevices: cup holders, seats, under rugs. Then hit the takeout window when you’re moving again to spend your loot (dollar menu, anyone?).

8. Nap. You know you need one. Just make sure your car is off (and this is certainly not recommended in traffic jams that inch forward). Soon you’ll be refreshed and ready to hit the road again.