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Miami man suspected of auto burglaries found on Tweety Pie Terrace

Raymond Nunez
Raymond Nunez KeysInfoNet (via Monroe County Sheriff's Office)

A suspect in November car burglaries on Humpty Dumpty Drive and Little Miss Muffet Lane was tracked to Tweety Pie Terrace.

Raymond P. Nunez, 21 of Miami briefly resided at the Plantation Key Detention Center on Tuesday before being released on $28,000 bond.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office reported that Nunez was booked Tuesday on a warrant charging him with three felony counts of car burglary and three misdemeanor theft counts.

Deputy Matt Koval was called Nov. 2 to a Key Largo oceanside subdivision named Wynken, Blynken and Nod Estates, after fishermen in an 1889 children's poem.

Two women reported the theft of a wallet, medication and other items from a car parked on Little Miss Muffet Lane.

They were awake at 3:20 a.m. when they heard noises and saw a man leaning into the car "as if he were getting something from inside," the Sheriff's Office reported. The man drove off on a golf cart after being confronted by people in a car that stopped on the road.

Koval found the car occupants, who told the deputy that money was taken from their car by Nunez, who reportedly returned the money when they threatened to call law enforcement.

The suspect's golf cart was found at a home on Tweety Pie Terrace, where the resident told Koval that Nunez, a visiting relative, had borrowed it. Other items taken from cars were found discarded in nearby trash cans.

The case will be heard in Monroe County Circuit Court.

Other street names in the neighborhood near mile marker 96.5 include Peter Pan Parkway, Thumper Thoroughfare and Bo Peep Boulevard.