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Florida deputy who wrestled a gator and had his leg chomped is fired over sex-abuse investigation

A Florida sheriff’s deputy who once tried to wrestle an alligator in an apartment building parking lot, only to have the reptile chomp down on his leg, has been fired for his lax attention to a sex case, news-journalonline reports.

The Volusia County deputy also was once suspended for using his work computer to check out what female dispatchers looked like, according to the report.

Deputy Keith Baughman was fired last month after an investigation concluded he failed to collect recording and text messages as evidence in a sexual abuse case.

Baughman had been on the force for nine years. In 2008, he was reprimanded after he jumped on an alligator. The reptile then chomped down on his left leg, prompting a fellow deputy to shoot the gator to free his colleague.