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Cops: Christmas decorations used in assault at trailer park

Ricardo Demosthene
Ricardo Demosthene Monroe County Sheriff’s Office via KeysInfoNet

The Christmas spirit was lacking on Christmas Eve at a Stock Island trailer park.

A man playing Xbox games on his front porch there around 1:30 a.m. was clocked in the head by a group of people, and one in that group was hauled to jail, says the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

Deputy Becky Herrin says the victim, 20, was alone on the porch in the trailer park at 6500 Maloney Avenue. For no apparent reason, a group of men showed up and began throwing bottles, cans -- and Christmas decorations -- at him.

Herrin said others in the trailer came out when they heard the commotion and "they all began to fight back as the suspects continued to throw things at them."

Deputies Sean Moran and Aaron Coller showed up and the group that was tossing the decorations and other things dispersed. But Moran caught one of them, Ricardo Demosthene, 21.

He's charged with two counts of battery on a person 65 or older (presumably one of the people who came out of the trailer and entered the fray), battery, criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

The Xbox player received five stitches in his head.