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Key West man to cops: In 1961, Grandma found a body with scissors in chest

A Key West woman might have literally covered up a death in Key West decades ago.

Last week, a Key Wester named Sergio Torres, 51, walked into the police station and told Officer Kathryn Hansell that in 1998, his grandmother — name not given — told him that she and her boyfriend were digging in a yard at 833 Johnson Ln. in 1961 to plant a fruit tree.

Torres said she told them that “as they dug they hit cement. They kept digging and after removing the cement they found remains from a human body” and a newspaper from 1934.

The grandmother believed it to be a female because of the bone structure, Torres said.

She saw “an old pair of rusty scissors sticking out from the remains, impaled in the chest area,” Torres told Hansell.

He told the officer his grandmother said she and her boyfriend “just covered the remains back up with dirt and left them there undisturbed.”

Then they planted the fruit tree atop it, Torres said.

Torres told Hansell his grandmother, who has since died from heart failure, didn’t have mental health issues.

He told the officer he came in to tell his story last Monday because “he wanted to get it off his chest” and that his grandmother had no idea who the remains might have been. He said he has no idea, either.

“Detectives will be investigating,” police spokeswoman Alyson Crean said.