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Little Havana couple holds burglar until cops arrive

An alleged burglar sought by police was apparently apprehended by a couple in Little Havana, after a husband sprung into action.

“I was trying to park the car and I see the bike and my husband says, ‘oh they’re trying to steal my bike,’” said Elizabeth Barrigan.

But it wasn’t the bicycle the man was reportedly after.

According to Barrigan, she was on her way home from work early Thursday moring when she saw a thief breaking into her other car.

“You’re mad because it’s your stuff. Scared. Fear. You just want to punch him down,” said Barrigan.

They didn’t punch him, but her husband – who didn’t want to be named – took down the man in front of their SW 12th Street home.

“My husband tackled him and he (alleged robber) was saying, ‘please! I’m sorry! I’m not stealing anything,” said Barrigan.

The couple said they didn’t buy it for a moment and held him until police arrived.

“They (police) said they were looking for this guy stealing from cars. We got him!” said Barrigan.

Police have not released the suspect’s name because the investigation is still ongoing. They have not confirmed the belief that the suspect is linked to other break-ins in that area.

Either way, Barrigan had a message for any other would-be crooks.

“If there’s more, we’re here. We’ll tackle you down. Call 9-1-1,” she said.

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