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Car slams into pastor’s Coral Springs home


A truck slammed into a Coral Springs home Tuesday morning leaving a busted in bedroom wall and a mattress covered in chunks of concrete.

The pickup truck slammed through the bedroom wall of a duplex on Northwest 39th Street and 110th Avenue. Four people were sleeping inside the home at the time. No one was injured.

Pastor Sonia Lee with the Art of Compassion Ministry said she was asleep when she felt the impact jolt her mattress.

“I just heard a loud bang and the whole place was all dusty,” said Lee. “I’m still in shock, so just giving God thanks for life.”

“There’s debris, there’s literal bricks on her bed,” said Lee’s daughter Ann Marie Cornelius. “I feel like just because she prays a lot that is the reason God really covered her.”

Lee’s daughters were asleep in the other bedrooms when they heard the bang from the crash. One is expecting and the other had just gotten home from the hospital after getting into a car accident.

“My sister got into a car crash yesterday, I’m pregnant so I was just making sure that my family was ok,” said Kayla Voltaire. “I was just shocked, I just had to run and make sure everybody was safe.”

The driver of the pickup is a neighbor who lives across the street. Jean Prosper told CBS4 he was on his was to the dump to unload trash when he put the car in reverse and lost control.

“I try and press the break I ain’t got none,” said Prosper.

Prosper received four citations. Building inspectors have deemed the house temporarily unsafe to live in.

The house has been deemed unsafe which means Lee and her two daughters will likely have to stay with family.

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