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Police: Golf cart driver in Key West popped wheelies, claimed to be cop

The operator of a gas-powered golf cart seen bouncing up and down on Greene Street asked Key West Police for a break.

Richard W. Prince, 47, of Metairie, La., cited his own status as a law officer.

Prince also admitted that letting passenger Paul Kimble of Metairie ride standing up in the cart's bed "was a stupid idea," Key West Officer Jesse Young reported.

Kimble was seen jumping up and down in the bed just before midnight Saturday, causing the golf cart to do mini-wheelies, the police report says.

Prince carried no credentials proving his claimed rank as "captain" in the "St. Bernard Parish Police Department."

Key West Police and Monroe County Sheriff's Office detention officers checked. A police department in St. Bernard Parish "did not exist," they learned, but there is a sheriff's office there. Prince reportedly could not name the St. Bernard sheriff.

Further investigation by officers, and talks with officials in St. Bernard Parish, found Prince had been given "honorary member" status with the agency, Young wrote.

Honorary members are not paid, not certified as police officers and do "not have any arrest or police powers," Young reported.

Prince declined to perform roadside sobriety tests or do a breath sample.

Key West police filed charges of driving under the influence and careless driving.

Prince was released from Monroe County Jail at 11 a.m. Sunday, pending a December hearing.