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Man wanted on Miami-Dade murder arrested in Manatee County

A man facing murder and auto theft charges in Miami-Dade was arrested in Palmetto area Sunday morning, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

Manatee County deputies arrested Carlos Deltoro, 36, about 9:30 a.m. after responding to a report of an assault in Palmetto.

Upon their arrival, deputies conducted a basic investigation and learned that DelToro had entered the victim’s home uninvited, and struck her with a bat. Deputies located DelToro in the backyard, according to the sheriff's report.

Both deputies were in full uniform and directed DelToro to stop, but he fled on foot. After a one-block chase, they closed on him. One of the deputies discharged his electronic stun gun without effect. He then finished closing the gap and drive stunned DelToro.

DelToro actively resisted by pulling the hair of one deputy, and tearing a pocket on the other deputy's uniform.

After the arrest, it was discovered that DelToro was armed with a large folding knife. Miami-Dade warrants for a stolen vehicle and murder were confirmed against DelToro, and the Miami-Dade detective notified of his arrest, according to the sheriff's report.

Neither the deputies nor the victim were significantly injured in the incident.

In addition to the Miami-Dade charges, DelToro also now faces armed burglary, aggravated battery, resisting without violence, and battery on two law enforcement officers, according to the sheriff's report.