Deadline Miami

Owner searching for stolen pet pig

A Southwest Miami-Dade pet owner is desperately trying to find her pet pig Lucy after she says it was stolen Monday.

“I understand it’s a pig and it’s not a typical pet, but it’s still my pet you know,” said Bianca Sierra.

Sierra’s 60 pound potbelly pig pet has been missing for days. She last saw Lucy Monday morning before she left for work, but by the time she came home Lucy’s pen was empty and she was gone.“I asked one of my neighbors who lives here and they saw two young men take her with a rope and put her in a small red car and drive off with her,” said Sierra.

So Sierra and her boyfriend hit the streets to try to find her, talking to neighbors and even posting flyers.

She says this isn’t the first time someone has tried to steal Lucy, but it’s the first time they succeeded.

“It’s actually the third time,” explained Sierra. “The first time they did the same thing, tied her with a rope and tried to take her out of the complex and the people cutting the grass stopped them. The second time my next-door neighbor stopped them.”

Sierra says she isn’t looking to press charges. She just wants to know Lucy is OK.

Anyone with information that might help Sierra locate Lucy is asked to call Miami-Dade police at 305-471-1780.