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Hialeah K-9 police officer attacked by elderly woman; dog bites attacker

While on the lookout for a suspect who had bailed out of a stolen vehicle, a Hialeah K-9 officer was attacked by an elderly woman who refused to leave the area.

Tuesday’s standoff happened at West Second Avenue at 62nd Street.

According to police, the woman approached two officers who were in the process of searching for a car thief. The woman, who police did not identify or supply her age, refused to obey the officers’ orders.

She continued to approach while police repeatedly ordered her to back away.

Finally, the elderly woman charged at the officer and began striking the cop several times. The officer’s dog then bit the woman.

She was treated by Fire Rescue and taken to Palmetto Hospital. Doctors said she was suffering from an emotional crisis before and during the incident, according to police.

The incident is under investigation.