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Pantsless woman busted for DUI in Keys

A Stock Island woman who took a police officer on a slow-paced chase before being arrested on a drunk-driving charge was found behind the wheel without pants.

Lauren Laird, 25, refused to put on her shorts even when told to, but was finally clothed by a female Monroe County Sheriff's Office deputy when she was hauled to jail, according to a Key West police report written by Officer Alexander Rodriguez.

Here's what happened, he wrote:

Around 3:20 a.m. Wednesday, he was driving to the jail on Stock Island to operate a breath-test machine in an apparently unrelated case. At U.S. 1 and North Roosevelt Boulevard, he saw a 2007 Honda speeding onto northbound U.S. 1. He followed it over the Cow Key Channel Bridge and both stopped at the red traffic light at College Road.

When the light went green, both started driving again and the Honda, driven by Laird, drifted into the right-hand turn lane and nearly drove off the road. Rodriguez turned on his lights to pull the car over, but Laird refused to stop.

She turned onto Cross Street with Rodriguez still trying to pull her over, then onto County Road and finally onto Balido Street, all the while crossing traffic stripes.

When she got to her house at 402 Balido, she produced a passport when asked for her license, then told Rodriguez her license was in her house and she'd get it. He told her no.

She showed signs of being drunk and Rodriguez "noticed that Laird was not wearing pants”.

Meanwhile, deputies from the Sheriff's Office showed up and Laird refused to get dressed. She was arrested for drunk driving and fleeing an officer, and received several tickets. At the jail, "a female deputy met me and was able to put Laird's shorts on."