Deadline Miami

Intense Miami ship blaze melts firefighters’ boots

Fire crews extinguished a blaze on a 250-foot cargo ship Wednesday night.

The ship caught fire at a marina off Northwest 22nd Ave and 14th street. Nearby residents say they were startled.

“So I came out and I saw the vessel fuming with smoke,” Bill Rodriguez said. “The whole neighborhood was full of dark smoke.”

While the fire was put out, it wasn’t an easy task.

“It was a lot of smoke and the winds obviously carried it in directions toward the residents. The rain definitely didn’t help us at all so we were battling the weather conditions as well as the challenges of trying to get in and see exactly where we were going inside the ship,” said Miami Fire Capt. Ignatius Carroll.

But firefighters didn’t stay inside the ship long. The steel of the ship was so hot, it started to melt the firefighters' boots.

No one was injured but the ship's damage appeared extensive.