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8 wackiest landmarks dreamed up for South Florida

The pegasus at Gulfstream.
The pegasus at Gulfstream. Miami Herald File

South Florida has seen its share of bold, wacky proposals through the years. A soaring needle. A giant middle finger. A spinning stadium sculpture. A huge horse slaying a dragon.

Some of them have come to life. Others are still in the dreams of their dreamers.

The latest big idea comes from a developer who wants to plop a twisting 633-foot tower into Overtown, lighting up the edge of downtown with flashing messages and video.

Here are 8 other landmark ideas through the years:

1. Backyard middle finger: Porn king Al Goldstein erected an 11-foot tall raised middle finger in the backyard of his Pompano Beach home that was visible to boaters in the Intracoastal Waterway.

2. Home-run sculpture: The Miami Marlins installed a home-run sculpture that spurts water and sings flamingos, seagulls and palm trees.

3. Giant pegasus: Gulfstream Park built a 110-foot winged horse slaying a dragon. Homes and businesses backing up to the piece look up to a giant horse patootie.

4. Ski slope on a toxic dump: Businessmen tried to put a domed ski resort called Solar Mountain on a former Superfund cleanup site in North Miami.

5. SpongeBob SquarePants World: The giant Malaysian resort company Genting proposed a mega-gambing resort for the former Miami Herald filled inspired by a coral reef theme, with a lagoon, lava-looking towers and an elevated platform.

6. Soaring needle: A 1,000-foot observation tower is the dream of a developer wanting a soaring restaurant, ballroom, bungee jump and a Disney-like Soarin’-style ride.

7. Wild idea: A $930 million theme park called The Wilds was pitched for land near Zoo Miami near a previously extinct dinosaur park.

8. Porn backdrop: The phallic Flagler Memorial on Monument Island honors Florida Pioneer Henry Flagler. But the 110-foot sculpture has served as the backdrop for an online porn video produced by

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