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Too many pot cookies brings trouble for assistant principal

Tampa Bay Times

Donna Haff
Donna Haff

A Florida assistant principal was arrested after deputies say she ate too many pot cookies and went to the hospital with an overdose.

Donna Lynch Haff, 50, has worked for the Pasco County School District since 2008 and started as an assistant principal at Anclote High School in 2012, according to the school's online staff page.

Haff was released Monday from St. Joseph's Hospital in North Tampa after overdosing on edible marijuana in cookies made with cannabis oil, according to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office. Deputies went to Haff's Land O'Lakes home and arrested her for possession of a controlled substance.

"The cookie lacked plant-like material," a sheriff's report said, "but tested positive for marijuana (THC)."

Haff's 19-year-old daughter, Allison Danielle Haff, also was arrested. The daughter told deputies a cookie containing cannabis oil belonged to her, the report said. It also said both women "knowingly and intentionally" had the cookies in their possession. Deputies said they did not bake the cookies themselves.

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