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Just how exactly did Florida get excused from oil drilling?

Florida was the only coastal state waived from the Trump Administration’s plan to begin offshore drilling. To some, Gov. Rick Scott, who hasn’t been a staunch critic of drilling, only changed his mind to secure enviromental credentials in his run against Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, a longtime drilling opponent.


In a fact-challenged era, will public access to federal data be the next casualty?

Since taking office, the Trump administration has made a series of moves that have alarmed groups with a stake in open public information: historians, librarians, journalists, climate scientists, internet activists, to name a few. Some are so concerned that they have thrown themselves into “data rescue” sessions, where they spend their weekends downloading and archiving federal databases they fear could soon be taken down or obscured.


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A personal tale about substance abuse & the synthetic drug Flakka

Synthetic drug-related deaths are on the rise in Miami-Dade & Broward counties. In this video, 26 year old Christopher Patterson describes the draw of Flakka. He spoke to the Miami Herald at the The Cove Recovery Center in Fort Lauderdale. Video