‘The seas are rising and so are we’: Local activists rally for climate change action

During the last King Tide in Miami, seawater flooded the sidewalks and grass at Jose Marti Park. Six months later, those sidewalks were flooded with protesters calling out for action on climate change.

Hundreds of activists gathered Saturday afternoon in one of the cities most threatened by the rising seas fueled by climate change as well as in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and at hundreds of other protests around the world. The mother march, in Washington, D.C., drew tens of thousands of environmental activists.

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In Miami, protesters marched from the park to the Lyric Theatre, chanting and waving signs that urged “Don’t be fossil fools,” “Less Meat = Less Heat” and “Love Your Mother.”

The protest coincided with the 100th day of Donald Trump’s presidency, who once called climate change a hoax. Environmentalists have criticized the administration for awarding top government spots to men who disagree with many scientists that climate change is an urgent threat.

To head the Environmental Protection Agency, Trump chose Scott Pruitt, who had sued the agency multiple times — and asked the industries he now regulates for the money to do it.

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Trump’s March executive order to undo many of the Obama administration’s climate change rules drew fire from Miami Republicans, who called the reversal “troubling,” “dangerous” and “misguided.”

The day before the People’s Climate March, the EPA removed several agency websites with detailed climate change information and agency details.

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