Miami-Dade school district officials said spending for a $1.2 billion bond program on track

Two years into a $1.2 billion bond spending program, the Miami-Dade school district has fixed air conditioners, installed electronic boards and spruced up schools across the county.

Already, $22 million has been spent on facility improvements, as well as new technology, district officials said Monday during a televised town hall meeting. It was the first of nine other public meetings, one for each school board voting district.

Bob Martinez, chair of the district’s bond oversight committee, said the bond spending is important because classroom achievement can tie into the look of schools.

“Kids are very much impacted, positively or adversely, by their environment,” Martinez said.

Though school officials on Monday praised the progress of the bond spending, some community members have complained about the way contracts are assigned to vendors and have pushed for more local and minority businesses to benefit from school board contracts.

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