Ex-porn actor, star of ‘Entering the Student Body,’ runs for school board in South Florida

David Mech of Boca Raton is making a run for the Palm Beach County School Board with a platform pushing, among other things, more sex education.

Mech has considerable experience in that field, having appeared in a lengthy series of “instructional” videos with titles like Big Sausage Pizza 2, Filthy’s Teenage Delinquents and Entering the Student Body.

Mech is a former pornographer who once worked under the nom de porn Dave Pounder. But more recently he has been a math tutor whose growing business, he says, has been threatened by a decision last year by some schools to remove his advertising banners after they discovered his X-rated résumé.

Mech, who qualified this week to run for the School Board’s District 3 seat, says his adult-entertainment career in the distant past and his filmography have nothing to do with his School Board platform.

“It’s completely irrelevant,” he said. “It’s perfectly legal to produce adult films, and it’s perfectly legal to perform in adult movies.”

His “five-point plan” includes better sex education — “condoms and comprehensive sex education must be available in all of our high schools, and perhaps even as early as middle school” — and improved technology, innovation and secular values.

Still, adult-film careers past and present haven’t sat well with most Florida school boards. Teachers have been fired in Miami-Dade and elsewhere after taking part in racy photo shoots and adult films.

Mech’s own career has been an issue. Schools last year took down banners advertising his Happy/Fun Math Tutor business after they realized he was also the head of Dave Pounder Productions. Mech, who says he holds a master’s degree from Arizona State University, sued the school district last year, contending the removals violated his rights to free speech, due process and equal protection.

In his complaint, Mech said he tutors middle and high school students at libraries and their homes, and not at the business. He also stresses that he’s no longer in the adult-film business, saying he ended his acting career four years ago and hasn’t produced an adult film since 2008.

The School Board has denied doing anything wrong. The lawsuit is pending in federal court.