MS Elementary student threatens principal

An 11-year old Miami Springs Elementary student allegedly told classmates, last month, that he brought a bomb to school to "throw it at the principal.”

The Feb. 17 incident prompted an investigation by Miami-Dade Schools Police.  The police report shows that the student "is a constant behavorial problem" — but he did not have a bomb. 

"Miami-Dade Schools Police and school administrators responded to the incident immediately and properly," said John Schuster, a spokesman for the school system, when reached Friday.  "The student was suspended for ten days."

In a separate incident, on Jan. 24, students complained that an 11-year old classmate showed them a BB gun while they were using the bathroom.  The suspect, whose name was withheld, was picked up by police who found the BB gun with laser sights – that resembles a Glock pistol -- in his pocket. 

It is unclear whether the student was the same person involved in the bomb threat incident because the juvenile's name was redacted from the police report.

"He did not threaten anyone with the BB gun,” the police report shows.  “Therefore, the incident was handled administratively.”

The student was suspended and the BB gun was impounded.