MS Elementary School’s visit to Starbucks

    Miami Springs Elementary School turned the Miami Springs Starbucks into the most happening place in town last Tuesday night (Dec. 13).

    On any given day, you’ll find your local Miami Springs Starbucks swarming with all sorts of people, from business professionals, to busy moms, to college students who are hooked up to get free Wi-Fi. All seek to grab the perfect cup of joe. For the Starbucks regular, it’s better known as a tall skinny caramel frappuccino.

    On this particular day, the coffee house was transformed into a winter wonderland filled with over 20 carolers from the Miami Springs Elementary school choir. Each child had on a Santa hat and a big smile.

    Parents and family members packed the house. Every mom, dad, grandma and grandpa had their latte in one hand and their camera in the other.

    “It’s so important to have events like this,” said Javier Rivera, Starbucks shift supervisor. Rivera was actually the one who arranged this event. He gave the school a call and invited them to come out.

    “In the past we have had many events like this one that bring the local business and community together. We look forward to doing more things like this in the future,” said Rivera. “We really love the sense of community that comes from being located here in Miami Springs and we want to do our part to help Miami Springs keep that good old-fashioned charm.”

    The school’s choir was led by Jetzabel Suero. Suero just returned from maternity leave less than a week before the event. The buzz around the coffee house was that Suero is somewhat of a super hero. Her new addition was actually three new additions, as she welcomed triplets to her family.

    Ask any Miami Springs student about Ms. Suero and their face will light up like the lights on the Christmas tree. She has magically combined the organization and discipline required with the love of music. The proof was in the pudding as the children’s choir performed for their audience.  

    “We are thrilled to have Ms. Suero back,” said Sally Hutchins, principal of Miami Springs Elementary. “She is an incredible teacher and did such an amazing job tonight.”

    The stars of the show were the children, of course. They sang three songs, but these weren’t your typical “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” kind of songs. They showcased their voices with a variety of unique songs. The children even added their own lyrics to one of the songs, as each child shared what is important to them this holiday season.

    “The kids have worked so hard to prepare for this night,” said Suero. “I am extremely proud of them.”

    Keeping with the good old-fashioned charm of Miami Springs, among the crowd were previous Miami Springs students Robert and Annie Gonzalez. The Gonzalezes’ children are now students at Miami Springs Elementary School. Their daughter Mattie performed in the choir.

    “It’s all about the kids,” said Robert Gonzalez. “It’s important to keep them busy with positive activities like this. They really had a great time tonight.”

    The walls of Starbucks also contributed to the winter wonderland. They were transformed into a small art gallery filled with the priceless artwork from the students at Miami Springs Elementary.

    The artwork included many drawings of personalized coffee mugs along with the red-suited jolly man himself. One piece had Santa sipping on his very own latte from Starbucks with the caption, “I don’t want cookies, I want coffee.”

    In the true spirit of the season, at the end of the evening Rivera added the icing on the cake for each child. As soon as the choir finished singing, Rivera gave each child their very own cup of Starbucks hot chocolate.