Man who beat rape charge 4 years ago has raped twice since July, police say

Anthony Jimenez
Anthony Jimenez Miami-Dade Police

For four years, police have suspected that Anthony Jimenez raped a runaway after taking her to an abandoned building and beating her up.

Though prosecutors dropped the 2012 charge, Jimenez was arrested again early Saturday and again charged with rape — for two more recent separate incidents. Police believe that in July and again Friday, he repeated the violent act on two women, and stole $140 from one of the victims.

Friday, a woman who claimed she was raped earlier that day identified Jimenez. Police found him a few hours later and arrested him early Saturday — on his birthday — and linked him to the July rape.

He was charged with two counts of sexual battery and one count of strong-arm robbery and taken to the Turner Guilford Knight correctional facility. His bond has been set at $103,500.

Police didn’t say Monday if they matched Jimenez to the July and Friday’s rapes through DNA or photo lineup.

“Somehow they linked it,” Miami-Dade police spokesman Daniel Ferrin said.

According to police, “On three occasions known to police, Jimenez violently beat his victims and sexually assaulted them.”

One of Jimenez’s arrest affidavits says that just before dawn on July 2 a woman who was walking home from Leisure Park in South Miami-Dade was approached by Jimenez. She told police he asked what her name was and when she ignored him, he punched her in her head repeatedly.

Then he pushed her to the ground, raped her and stole $140.

On Friday, police said, Jimenez was visiting a home where a woman was renting a bedroom when he exposed himself and told the woman, “I’m gonna f... you.” When she screamed, police said, he punched her in the face.

The woman told police that after she was attacked, she continued screaming and banging on the bedroom window as Jimenez fled on foot.

Jimenez’s arrest affidavit for the incident in May 2012 said he met a runaway and told her he was taking her to his home, but instead led her to an abandoned house. There, he punched and raped her, according to police. A neighbor heard the commotion and called police.

Prosecutors eventually dropped that case. Why they did so wasn’t clear Monday.

He was also arrested in 2012 for burglary, but the charges were dropped after he attended a pretrial diversion program. In 2013, Florida Department of Law Enforcement records show Jimenez was arrested and charged with armed burglary and grand theft. He pleaded guilty, but his record was cleared when the case was withheld with adjudication.