Model accused of extorting SoBe social-media star YesJulz

YesJulz Instagram

A model is facing charges after police say she threatened to leak sexually explicit images of South Beach social-media star YesJulz unless she forked over $18,000 cash.

Hencha Voigt, 28, of Hollywood, has been arrested on charges of extortion — along with an unemployed Plantation man named Wesley Victor, 43.

Police said the two threatened to use social media to release the X-rated photos and videos of YesJulz, whose real name is Julieanna Goddard, 26.

Known for hobnobbing with rappers and athletes and hosting parties around the world, YesJulz has been dubbed the “Queen of SnapChat” for her prolific reach on the social-media app. Her marketing power has led to deals with Puma and Red Bull, and she has been spotted hanging with the likes of LeBron James and Beyoncé.

In a New York Times profile last month, her publicist said she has over 300,000 viewers on Snapchat, along with hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

According to Miami Beach police, Voigt and Victor last week contacted YesJulz, saying they had hacked into her cellphone to steal the images. Voigt even sent “a few pictures and videos as proof,” according to a police report.

Victor sent the woman a text, saying “18K cash … you can have them back as I said you dope chick. I like your movment look if I feel any fun business game over your choice,” according to police.

The two gave YesJulz a 24-hour deadline, according to the report. When confronted by Miami Beach detectives, police say the two confessed. They were caught Friday night with the cellphone believed used in the extortion.

YesJulz, through a spokesperson, declined to comment.

Voigt is a model who boasts over 385,000 followers on Instagram. She does not have a lawyer listed on court records.

Victor does not have a job, according to his arrest report. “My client was not involved. We’ll wait for his day in court,” said his attorney, Zeljka Bozanic.

This PSA on sextortion warns that anything private shared online could be used against you. If someone demands sexual images from you, stop immediately and report it. For more information, visit