Fake lawyer accused of stealing $70,000 is back from Mexico after opening a bar

Imer Perez
Imer Perez Miami-Dade Corrections

After two years on the lam in Mexico, a convicted child abuser accused of posing as a criminal defense lawyer is back in Miami jail.

Imer Armando Perez was extradited to Miami this month and is now in jail awaiting trial on allegation he stole $70,000 from a duped family who hired him to free an inmate from prison. Perez is now facing charges of grand-theft and practicing law without a license.

He also faces prison for violating his probation on a child-abuse conviction. He will make an appearance in Miami-Dade Circuit Court next week.

He was picked up by investigators with the U.S. Marshals based in Mexico City. They found him in the central Mexican city of Santiago de Querétaro, where he had opened up a watering hole called Cubanitos Cocktail Bar.

He was put on a flight to Los Angeles, booked into jail there and eventually returned to Miami.

Perez was first arrested in 2007 on a charge of sexual battery on a minor, a charge that was later reduced as part of a plea deal. He served two years in prison, and was released with the requirement he stay on probation until 2026.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Perez in 2014 began passing himself off an attorney, crafting stationery to tout his fake firm and boasting of his law partners. Those real-life attorneys were Robert Lamons and Francisco Marty, who had represented him back in 2007 — and had no idea he was using their names for his con, agents said.

Agents said Perez was hired by relatives of Scotty Posada, serving a 27-year sentence for a 1999 kidnapping. They paid him $70,000 after he assured them he had worked out a deal to get Posada released from prison in 90 days.

There was no such deal. Posada’s family complained and FDLE agents eventually secured an arrest warrant for Perez, who skipped the country before he could be booked into jail.

Perez is now being held without bond.