Who stole the — unmarked —cop car?

The car thief had a choice: a Honda Accord, a Jeep Cherokee, or a gussied-up 2015 dark gray four-door Dodge Charger.

The thief probably made the right decision in taking the Charger. But who it was stolen from was probably a mistake: a Miami-Dade cop.

Now, police are asking for the public’s help in finding the car — which had some cop stuff in it. What, exactly, police won’t say.

The car’s tag: 409XCY.

It seems police have had a tough time hanging onto their cars lately. In April, someone swiped a 2008 marked Crown Victoria with a police helmet and bulletproof vest from a home at Southwest 276th Street and 167th Avenue. The car was later found in a lake.

It happened twice in April of 2015. The first incident involved a Miami cop doing some paperwork. That was when someone stole the rookie cop’s car on 79th Street, got into a shootout with the cop and fired at two other people before he was shot and captured several miles away in Sans Souci.

A week later another rookie got ripped off. This time the officer was filling out a report at Jackson Memorial Hospital when Larry Nystrom, 51, jumped into the officer’s patrol car and took off. Nystrom simply went for a ride, then returned the vehicle to its proper place a short time later as a stunned Miami officer asked him where he’d been and what he was doing.

“I had fun on a joyride,” Nystrom told the officer. “I even turned on the lights and sirens.”

Then in May 2015, someone stole a police car from a detail guarding one of President Barack Obama’s cabinet members. The thief was caught after he crashed in the PortMiami Tunnel.

Police said that after Friday’s theft, the officer awoke at his home near Southwest 162nd Avenue and 56th Street and saw that his Honda and Jeep had been broken into and that his Charger was missing.

Anyone with information is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477.