After wounding of student, Miami man charged with a murder four days later

Devin Lewis
Devin Lewis Miami-Dade Corrections

The Miami man accused of shooting a Swedish student in a robbery is now being charged with a murder that took place four days later.

Miami homicide detectives arrested Devin Lewis, 25, for the June 11 killing of Leonzo Diaz, who was shot during a robbery in the driveway of his Liberty City home.

Police say Lewis is a career criminal who served nearly two years in prison for robbery with a deadly weapon and grand-theft auto. He was released in December 2014.

On June 7, Miami police said he held up Frank Hammar as the student left the Wynwood Diner with his parents. “Put everything on the floor, I’m not kidding,” he said, according to police.

Hammar, an international student from Sweden studying at the Miami Ad School, was shot as he backed up. He was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital and survived. He still has a bullet lodged near his spine.

Four days later, according to an arrest report, Lewis attacked Diaz as the man pulled his truck into the driveway at his home on the 1400 block of Northwest 58th Terrace. Witnesses said Lewis ordered Diaz not to move, then shot the man twice in the chest as he turned to face his attacker, according to police.

Lewis yanked chains off the neck of the mortally wounded man before hopping into a getaway car, police said.

A juvenile eyewitness identified Lewis, police said. And his fingerprint was found on the slain man’s truck, according to an arrest report by Miami detective Dave Carpenter and Sgt. Kevin Ruggiero.

Lewis was not arrested for the Wynwood shooting until June 24. He is currently jailed awaiting trial.