2 Miami Gardens cops brawl at townhome, investigation under way

Two Miami Gardens police officers got into a brawl at one of their homes Monday night, a brouhaha serious enough for the city’s internal affairs office to take a look.

In a three-paragraph statement, the city’s Public Affairs Director Petula Burks said there was an ongoing investigation.

“Any member of the Miami Gardens Police Department who violates standards of professional conduct, will be subject to disciplinary actions as provided through and governed by Florida statutes, Miami Gardens Police Department rules and procedures, and any collective bargaining agreement,” Burks wrote.

Sources familiar with the incident said the fight that took place at about 11 p.m. Monday was between police officers Kimberly McDonald and Kalicia Battle, who sources said was on duty. Police responded to the scene, but there were no arrests.

Police did not release an incident report or any paperwork on Tuesday.

The Miami Gardens police department has had several high-profile incidents in recent years, including firing its police chief, Stephen Johnson, last year following an arrest for soliciting a prostitute. Also, the department was sued after video surfaced at a local convenience store called 207 Quickstop that recorded police officers routinely stopping, questioning and charging one of the store employees with trespassing 62 times — even though he worked there.

Answering the door at her Miami Gardens townhouse, McDonald appeared to have a cut near her left eye and said she was okay. McDonald confirmed the fight took place at the townhouse but declined further comment.