Man claims 3-year-old girl fell on rocks while fishing. Police say he killed her

Miami Beach police say Dennys Llopiz battered his girlfriend’s daughter to death. He was charged with first-degree murder on Monday.
Miami Beach police say Dennys Llopiz battered his girlfriend’s daughter to death. He was charged with first-degree murder on Monday. Miami

A Miami Beach man was charged with killing a 3-year-old girl Monday, three days after police say he concocted several tales about what caused the child’s injuries, even saying she fell on some rocks while they were fishing at night.

Police and emergency medical crews found the badly bruised and unresponsive child against a wall in a bathtub in an apartment Friday morning after receiving a 911 call. When they arrived at Apt. 3 at 6921 Rue Vendome, police said Dennys Llopiz, 27, told them he left the child alone in the tub for a few minutes with only about four inches of water.

Police said Llopiz told them he found the unresponsive girl after calling out to her and not getting a response. Llopiz was taken into custody Monday morning after Miami-Dade Medical Examiner Emma Lew determined the child was killed by blunt-force trauma. Llopiz was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center and charged with first-degree murder.

“What he told police wasn’t consistent at all with the medical examiner’s autopsy,” said Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez.

The child, who has not been named by Miami Beach police, was the daughter of Llopiz’s girlfriend. She has not been charged with a crime. The Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s website shows a child named Skyler Hartley arrived Friday morning. A source confirmed she is the victim.

Only eight days ago, Llopiz was charged with five misdemeanors for allegedly violating saltwater-fishing regulations in the Florida Keys. According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office: A deputy spotted Llopiz spearfishing without a dive flag near the Long Key Bridge. In his possession were nine lobsters, a hogfish, and a parrotfish. Seven of the lobsters and the hogfish were undersized.

Police said when they arrived at the apartment Friday after Llopiz called 911, they found the child nude and the studio apartment in “disarray.” They said Llopiz told them he placed the child in the shower after she defecated on herself. Llopiz then, according to police, made up stories about the child falling on rocks while they were fishing under a bridge. The child’s mother disputed that claim.

Detectives said they found extensive bruising Skyler’s upper torso and near her lips. Lew’s autopsy confirmed those findings and ruled her death a homicide.

State records show Llopiz was arrested in 2014 on charges of fighting in public and possession of a small amount of marijuana. Last year, the state dropped a case against him for criminal mischief.