They moved an 87-year-old out of her condo, police say. Now they are in jail.

Christopher and Lauren Kydes
Christopher and Lauren Kydes Broward Sheriff's Office

In a matter of a year, a Lighthouse Point couple drained the assets of an 87-year-woman — moving her out of her Pembroke Pines condo and selling it, liquidating her retirement account and even changing her will.

On Thursday, the pair was being held with no bond at Broward's main jail on charges of exploitation of the elderly and theft from someone 65 or older.

Pembroke Pines police say they first became aware of the situation on May 17, 2017, when an out-of-town relative called for a welfare check on a woman who lived in the Century Village community.

Police soon learned the woman had been moved to an assisted living facility in Deerfield Beach by a man named Christopher Kydes.

Kydes, police say, befriended the woman and obtained her power of attorney.

"A yearlong investigation revealed that [Christopher Kydes] became a trustee on the victim’s trust, became a joint account owner on the victim’s bank accounts, obtained a quit claim deed on the victim’s Century Village condo, became the victim’s healthcare surrogate, and was added to her will as a beneficiary," police said in a news release.

The woman's condo, police say, was listed for sale by Lauren Kydes and "its contents were all discarded without the victim’s knowledge."

After the discovery, the woman was assigned a court-appointed guardian to block the Kydes from further access to the woman's accounts, police said.

"Bank records showed that Suspect [Christopher Kydes] liquidated the victim’s retirement accounts, and utilized the victim’s bank account to pay for his and Suspect [Lauren Kydes'] expenses," police said.

Police say the couple stole about $136,000.

"It is unknown exactly how the victim became acquainted with the suspects, and there is concern that they may have victimized other seniors," police said. "The Pembroke Pines Police Department is asking that anyone in the community who may recognize them, and suspects their involvement in any suspicious or fraudulent activity, call police immediately."