A woman said her stomach hurt. Then a newborn baby ended up in the yard, cops say.

Martha Godinez-Diaz
Martha Godinez-Diaz -Miami-Dade Department of Corrections

On June 6, Martha Godinez-Diaz told her boyfriend she had a stomach ache and to come home as soon as he could.

He did as she asked. But by the time Mynor Perez-Garcia arrived, his girlfriend's stomach ache was gone. That's because, cops say, she had given birth, though he didn't know it.

According to a police report, the Homestead woman was out in the yard when she went into labor. Instead of swaddling or breastfeeding the infant, the mother is being accused of stashing the baby outside by a shed, and tucking the girl's head under a bucket used for plants.

The baby was discovered by the boyfriend's father, Rigoberto Perez, who saw "feet moving" under the bucket, read a police report. The couple lives with him.

The tiny girl was born premature, between 31 and 33 weeks. A Miami-Dade Fire Rescue captain saw the placenta still attached, reports Local 10.

The 20-year-old mother, who had recently moved to Florida from Guatemala, was arrested on charges of child neglect and child abuse on Monday.

“The bucket appeared to be a deliberate attempt at concealing the child, possibly in an attempt to muffle [the baby’s] cries,” the affidavit said.

The baby girl was brought to a nearby hospital. Her condition is unclear. It's unknown how long she was under the bucket. She was born with a genetic malformation of the brain.

.Custody was awarded Wednesday to the grandfather, Rigoberto Perez, reports NBC-6.

Godinez-Diaz was ordered held on $100,000 bond and remained behind bars on an immigration hold. The mother will not be allowed visitation.

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