He's 19 years old with four arrests in eight months. This last arrest is for murder

Javayne McDonald
Javayne McDonald

Saturday, Hollywood resident Javayne McDonald got arrested for the fourth time in eight months. Unlike the previous three occasions, a conviction on this charge could end the freedom phase of the 19-year-old McDonald's life.

That's because McDonald's charged with ending another life by premeditated murder, which carries life in prison or the death penalty, by Florida statutes. According to Pembroke Pines police, the life McDonald ended belonged to 20-year-old Tyler Rowe, who died from a gunshot wound the night of May 23.

Police stated Rowe got shot in or around the Gatehouse at Pine Lake Apartments around 9:30 p.m. and got dropped off at Memorial Hospital Pembroke, where he died.

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This gives McDonald the defendant's role in a trio of Broward County criminal cases. After a March 11 bust, he entered a not guilty plea to charges of marijuana possession with intent to sell and drug paraphernalia possession. Any May Day celebration McDonald might've had finished in jail after Hallandale police arrested him on charges of misdemeanor marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia possession.

Back in October, McDonald was caught checking for unlocked doors on parked cars in an apartment complex near the intersection of University Drive and Pines Boulevard, then making a failed run from Pines cops through nearby canals. He pleaded no contest to prowling/loitering and resisting arrest without violence and paid a $329 fine.