After chase, teen driver faced cop with a Glock before being shot, affidavit claims

Of the two people in the white BMW that crashed on Sample Road after a police chase Wednesday, Alan Cadelus was the one who was still a minor and the one with a suspended driver's license. But Cadelus was the one behind the wheel.

And he's the one who emerged from the driver's side holding a semi-automatic Glock handgun, according to witness statements on the probable cause affidavit. Cadelus wound up shot in each leg by a Coral Springs police officer and taken to Broward Health North.

The officer who shot Cadelus said through his Fraternal Order of Police attorney that he fired after the 17-year-old turned toward him, Glock in left hand with the muzzle pointed at police. The affidavit quotes Cadelus as admitting he had the gun in his hand, but about waist high and claiming he intended to run from police. He threw the gun into the bushes upon being shot.

The account from Cadelus' passenger, 23-year-old Kurtis Santiago, is summarized as concurring with police that Cadelus engaged in a rolling shootout with another car, led police on a car chase and got out of the crashed car with a semi-automatic handgun.

That rolling shootout caused numerous 911 calls around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday with some callers claiming to have heard 20 to 30 shots in the 3800 block of University Drive. Witnesses described the participants as being in a white BMW and a silver Dodge Challenger.

According to the affidavit, a patrol car spotted the BMW going west on Northwest 38th Drive. Upon seeing the siren lights, the affidavit says, the BMW swung south on University Drive; blew through the red light at Universtiy and Sample to make a left on Sample; kept going east but in the westbound lanes until hopping the curb and crashing in the 8300 block.

That's when Cadelus got out of the car with the Glock .22.

Cadelus is charged with discharging a firearm from a vehicle; aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer; fleeing a law enforcement officer at high speed with disregard for safety; unknowingly driving with a suspended license (he still owes $530.55 on citations for a learner's permit violation and unknowingly driving with a suspended license); and disobeying a traffic control device.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement has taken over the investigation of the shooting, as is procedure. Anyone with information can call 954-344-1800.